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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Best Camping Yet

I left Escanaba after an amazing sunrise and rubbery breakfast, but good non the less. Still dealing with the same tendon issues, however after 8 miles or so they seem to loosen up enough to evade my thoughts for a bit anyway.

Mostly a straight forward gloriously sunny day of riding. I took a picture of this field of Trilliums. This amazed me because where I live now in Oregon we also get trilliums, however, although much larger in OR, they never grow in a meadow like fashion as they do in the U.P. I'm used to seeing a small patch of 2 or 3 strewn about. Not sure why, but it was great riding through fields of white flowers. 

The Indian Lake Campground near Manistique is an incredible place to rest up. The best camping I've experienced on the entire trip actually. Main Street Pizza in town even delivered to the front gate not with the help of the DNR officer. The guy reminded me of the public safety officer in the Cusack film "Grosse Point Blanc." This guy took his job way to seriously. He asked me about a dozen times if the delivery guy came into the driveway at ALL! Apparently it's a major crime to deliver pizza to the State Park and he was ready to pounce on an opportunity to enforce. When he realized that his interrogation practices weren't getting him anywhere he looked at the box of pizza with drooling eyes and continued to tell me how great their pizza was, the best in town in fact. I think it was the only pizza joint in town. 

One more thought on pizza and bikes. A narrow handlebar hipster bike in Portland would never be able to transport a box of pie as well as my huge awkward handlebars can. 

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