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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Headwind, Constant Rain, Cold, and 30!

Well, I think the title explains it all.... I barely made any pictures for fear of stopping too long and getting hypothermia, ha! Seriously.

I rode about 66 miles in 8ish hours and every 10 feet were earned the hard way. The wind was constant out of the Northeast, and guess what, I was riding, North, East and Northeast all 62 miles. 4 of those precious miles headed South which was awesome. Mixed in with the wind was a cold, constant rain. Actually maybe it was the wind that was cold coming from the North, or both, whatever..., it was cold. I think I had maybe 30 minutes of wind without rain today. It happened to be the last couple of miles into Cumberland where the sun also busted through.

I gave myself a birthday present and opted for a hotel room. Turns out that all of my fancy touring bags which are supposed to be either water proof or close to it fail completely in windy, cold, rain. The only bag that pulled through solid was my Carradice cotton duck seat bag. Yet again, the least techy material wins. That goes for my clothing too. I just bought these fancy Gore-tex boot covers and they worked awesome for about 3 hours then they gave up along with my Gore pants. The winning article on my body was, yet again, wool arm Warner's my lovely and caring wife knitted for me. They got wet, kept me warm anyway, and dried super fast.

Tomorrow is looking dry and sunny at the moment. I really hope so.

1 comment:

  1. Sweet arm warmers! I want some.

    I guess you survived the bachelor party.

    Enjoy the journey my friend. Safe travels.