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Monday, May 13, 2013

Finding My Stride

I want to start out apologizing for all of my typos. I'm writing these blogs on a small tablet and skipping the proof reading process in the pursuit of dedicating more time to the experience in front of me.

Day 5 was incredible. Still windy as shit and cold, but sunshine all the way to Boulder Junction. About 65 miles or so. The knees worked well the whole way,...... Disclaimer (with the help of a dozen ibuprofen). And the rib is feeling better too. I read about some yoga rolling around method to pop a rib in, it seems to be working.

If all rolls well, I should hit Michigan today. Goodbye Wisconsin. A great state to ride in all around. The weather has been rough at times, but the warm folks I've met definitely makes up for it. The route I've been on has been quiet, peaceful and incredibly beautiful. I would have liked to spend more time in the Chequamegon Nat. Forest; another trip I suppose.

Spent a great night camping behind the town baseball field. Around 20f, nice sleeping temp. Hard to get up and take a whiz though, brrrrr.....

Found good conversation this morning with a pair of brothers from Chicago at The Outdoorsman Restaurant; good food too. Sun is shining again and the wind seems to be nil at the moment, best hit the road.

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  1. Fantastic photos Kyle and good stories from the road. Your blog makes me long for the simple rhythm of bike touring. We are rooting for you back here in Oregon.