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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Chequamegon and More Humbling Weather All Around

Cold ass morning! The wind was a Nor'easter and howling across the frozen lake, damn cold. I hurried into riding clothes and skipped breakfast and coffee in hopes of eggs and bacon somewhere down the road. Cold, but the riding was actually good. A headwind, but no precip, yet anyway. I got to Moose Lake in about 12 miles where the map showed 2 restaurants. One was a bar and closed, the other looked promising, it was closed too. Guess I have to snack on potato bread and head another 18 or so miles towards Clam Lake.

I've now entered the National Forest, finally! Clam Lake had 2 shops open. A bar/restaurant and a gas station. I went into the bar and found a gaggle of locals chatting up the morning. They all wanted to know what the hell I was doing. But didn't ask why, they seemed to get it. Really friendly folks, the friendliest I've met yet. Connie and Bruce ran things and I couldn't have asked for a better cup of coffee or hash brown scramble. My knees were both pretty sore and the warm coffee seemed to make them feel better so I hung around, ate, drank, and chatted it up for a couple of hours. For the first time, I didn't want to leave. Probably because my knees still ached, but more likely because chatting with these folks was incredibly enjoyable and much needed.

Eventually, I moved on towards Glidden. About another 18 miles. I was feeling hammered and my solo mind was playing tricks on me. Telling me to stop because my knees were really starting to hurt. Oh, I think I have a dislocated rib as well from a friendly wrestling match at my brother's bachelor party last weekend. I've been cursing your name for days Steve!

Glidden is not big. An old Mill town I suppose that has witnessed better days. A motel sat up on the hill. A classic small town motel that is. The same time I saw that sign, the winds picked up and it began the on-off process of sideways snow that would last into the night.

I ventured up the hill towards the front door to check rates. The door was open, and the lounge area was filled with 70's decor. Pink chairs and a bible left by a Gideon. Where was this Gideon? I needed a room. Nobody around and a sign that read, dial Ext. 11 for help. 3 and a half hours later the woman that cleans the rooms showed up to find me laying on my back with my feet up against the wall, Gina my lovely wife recommended this trick to get the swelling in my legs down. My gear was sprawled throughout the lounge area, I was planning to sleep there. She asked if I wanted a room. Abso-freakin-lutely! Killer room! Very clean and comfortable. Although anything would be more comfortable than that un-heated lobby with a Gideon I couldn't seem to find.

Showered up, sprawled my gear everywhere to dry out and ventured to find, supposedly the best Beef sandwich around. On my walk into town 2 high spirited but definitely tired cyclist come coasting by. Felix and Jeff. They started in Delaware and I think they said this was day 26. They're going to the West coast and planning their route as they ride. Total bad-asses! Follow them on their site: . Oh, the sandwich was microwaved into perfection, but the beer was good.

Today is day 5 for me and the air is cold but the sun is out again! It's also 10 o'clock! I best get pedaling. Hope I make it to Boulder Junction tonight. Come on knees.....

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