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Friday, May 17, 2013

Escanaba in Da' Moonlight

I'm a couple of days behind here. I'm truckin' along though. These pictures are from 2 days back now. I should be rolling into Mackinaw City or St. Ignace on the North side of the mighty Bridge by Sunday's end depending on timing and whether or not I can catch a shuttle or ferry across. Unfortunately, you can't lolly gag over freely on a bicycle. The bridge was built in an era where the auto machine ruled. 

In the pictures below 2 moments excited me. The first being that I rode into a new time zone, feels really strange to just pedal slowly and then be an hour ahead suddenly. Also made it to the end of map set 1 from Adventure Cycling Association at 8th and 19th in Escanaba. Silly actually, but it felt good to hit a goal. Lots of things feel good like that when you're listening to only yourself think for several days. Oh, and the most refreshing moment was running into a gigantic fresh water lake known as Lake Michigan! Not only does it have a way of reviving a weary soul but it just feels good on the eyes to look at a different landscape. 

I stayed in the historic House of Ludington. Also right down the road from a fine brewery, the first I've seen, called Hereford & Hops. My good friend TC would have approved. Fine ales all around. The House of Ludington was built in the late 1800's and us is supposedly haunted. It was creepy all right especially when I strolled back after hours and the place goes dead still. Everyone goes home, no staff whatsoever. You basically unlock the front door and stroll into a quiet, dark old house filled with pictures of dead people and their items thrown about. I didn't see any ghosts but, no shit, I woke up with a bloody scratch in the center of my forehead, hmmm? I would have noticed it the night before and, no, I didn't go to bed drunk. 

Well, I best hit the road. I'll be in Naubinway or Epoufette tonight depending on this storm moving in, could be ugly. And you guessed it, a nice headwind, doh! It was uphill both ways!

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  1. Love the boat photo. You captured Esky alright.