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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Leaving Alaska

5:53pm. 10 minutes ago the plane raced its engines down the runway in Ketchikan and took flight South towards Portland. I forced all of my attention out the tiny window to soak in my last views of the Alaska I have so long wanted to see. At around 6,000 feet, the aircraft entered the Sea of Clouds leaving my now beloved Alaska behind.
It seems to be a sad day, however I am not sad in the least. Instead, I am filled with hope, passion, adventure, and mostly the excitement and anticipation of returning.
Now above the clouds, and entering the deep twilight of blues, oranges, and several hues between, I think about fully participating in the many great moments in our lives and the art of taking nothing for granted. Because all great experiences and moments are fleeting. They live the rest of your days in the memory. Maybe this is why I love photography. Making images helps me freeze these moments into just a bit more than a fuzzy thought often altered by the mind as the years come and leave.I will experience Alaska and the many awe-inspiring people, landscapes, animals, colors, waterways, peaks, glaciers, and valleys soon. Something about these things sets my passion free to flow through the very being of a life void of limitations. This is only the beginning of my journeys in Alaska.We get into Portland at around 10:30pm where we will repack until about midnight or so for our 8am flight to Hawaii for 12 days. What madness and splendor......

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