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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


An interesting shock leaving Alaska and arriving in Hawaii 16 hours later. Not sure what to think about it. Not really sure what to think of Hawaii as a whole yet either. My first impressions are less than satisfactory minus the amazing people we have been meeting. But in general Honolulu doesn't interest me in the least. We are staying at a fancy hotel/resort type place in Waikiki that feels much like Miami, and I hate Miami. The atmosphere is phony and stuffy while the many vacationers here are cold and stiff lacking the thrill for really living by consuming meaningless happiness. The resort atmosphere is so out of touch with the purity life can provide that it is difficult for me to see any positive energy I'm sure is there,.....somewhere.We have been fortunate to travel outside of the city to a few beautiful places along the East coast and along the North Shore, but again the entire island is saturated with resort development which destroys the view of the mountains and ocean. But they are still there and surviving, showing us their immense beauty. The few Natives we have met are amazingly generous and warm. Today we had the great honor of meeting a Tahitian Chief who thoroughly continues to practice his Polynesian culture and religion. We have also met a few other Native Hawaiians who are working hard to keep the Hawaiian Culture alive and thriving amongst children and adults alike.It will be interesting to see how my views and opinions of Hawaii develop over the next 9 days. Fortunately, we will be working with some amazing people everyday making for a good visit. As long as I can look through the phoniness of it all and see the true Hawaiian Culture and people who live it, I will have a unique and exciting journey.

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