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Monday, November 9, 2009

Turtle Bay

We packed up and headed to the North Shore for the last week. This area is a much more pleasant atmosphere. Of course it is still a huge resort/spa atmosphere. But amongst the hooplah, beaches, waves, and forests have room to breath. I went for a jog/wander away from the tourism comforts and found an amazing coastline rich with a volcanic past. The shore was a mix of sand and jagged volcanic shelves the waves crashed upon relentlessly taking the sand away revealing more and more of the black rock with each wash. Along with the surf came the stormy weather and just as quickly as a wave dissolves back into the sea the windy rain lifted as well. This went on for some time filling me with energy and strength I have been craving since my visit in Alaska.However, although I have finally found the beauty in the landscape I was seeking there is still so much development on Oahu that I have yet to find a truly wild place where a resort or hotel is completely hidden. Just when I thought I was away from it all, I heard a golf club chopping towards the earth. I stood and climbed over a small dune to find an unnaturally green golf course and,......yes a resort at the far edge. I guess at least the resorts sprawl plans are contained by the island itself.
This is a place of indescribable natural beauty and wildlife. I just hope we don't destroy the true beauty that exists here with greedy development. Maybe we are blind to the reasons behind natural disasters. Could they be a message, or a way of cleaning up? I do not know, but I can't help to wonder.

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