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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last day in Barrow

I'm writing this morning from my room in Anchorage. This will be a quick post that I may add to later. We arrived around midnight after another enriching day in Barrow. It was sad to leave when there is still so much to learn from the people, animals, and the Arctic Tundra itself. I'm sure I will make a journey back here during the whaling season. I would like to note that I am writing usually quite late after working all day and not able to take the time to check my facts, and a few of them have been wrong.....way wrong. For instance, we are no where near the Bering Sea but instead the Chukchi Sea and Beaufort Sea inside the Arctic Ocean. There were a few more of these mistakes that I have since corrected. I'm sure there will be more. There are several hi-moments from my last day in Barrow, but here are a few that will stand tall in my mind when I'm an old man. Firstly, on our way out to the location towards Point Barrow we witnessed an Arctic Fox dragging food across the road and stopped to observe him as he ran to a safe distance from us and watched casually. He burrowed himself into the snow for camouflage and then started circling around his tail as if bedding down. Completely confidant and unaffected by our huge white van 70 yards away. I then got to work with Richard (our talent for the photograph Michael was making) and learned a great deal about their culture and lifestyle. Rita (our patient and gracious driver for the past 2 days) brought her son Reese to the location who entertained us all, especially when driving around Barrow. After a bit shooting in the morning, we headed to town for a few hours and to the Inupiat Heritage Center. Wonderful place filled with too much Native Culture to take in so quickly. Next, we headed back out to shoot around the last light of the day which proved to be worthy, warm, winter light. We were all pleased with his decision to come back. There was much more, but I'm running out of time this morning. Hopefully tonight I will be able to include more.
Thanks Rita for giving us the perfect Barrow tour, for sharing your family with us, and mostly for your company. Hope to see everyone here in Barrow in the not to distant future.

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