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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello Alaska

Today was a day of days, for my first few steps into Alaska has finally happened. I'm writing from the Top Of The World Hotel in Barrow at 1 am, the most Northern city in America. What a privilege I have been given. I have been asked to help on a photography job for the 2010 Census here in Alaska for a week and finishing in Hawaii for 12 days. I will be working as a digital tech and photography assistant. We are making images to advertise the 2010 Census to the Native populations in these locations. It will be an honor to gain a tiny glimpse into their way of life amongst this arctic land. The cloud cover was thick on our entry into Anchorage, but a small window opened up just big enough for me to catch an eyeful of snow and mountains below. That small glimpse was enough to tell me that I was now amongst some of the most spectacular giants in the world. After a brief transfer in Anchorage we flew to Fairbanks for a moment and then continued to Barrow. Our driver Rita took us out to the end of the road North to scout our first location which is about 2 miles south of Point Barrow and although it was completely dark we could feel the power of the Beaufort Sea to the East and the Chukchi Sea to the West. The spit of land we stood on was only 300 yards or so wide between the two seas. I should get some rest but it is truly hard to sleep with so many new things to see. 10:30 tomorrow the sun will dip above the horizon and show us the Arctic Tundra I'm incredibly anxious to see. The first image we will be working on tomorrow will be of a group of Whalers setting out in a traditional skin boat on the icy shores of either the Beaufort or Chukchi Sea.

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  1. Great post Kyle. You are going to have an amazing trip brother!