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Friday, October 11, 2013

Testing the RRS Panoramic equipment, but really just getting out in the Gorge

Just picked up the Really Right Stuff blah blah lens nodal slide and panoramic base. Not sure what they call it exactly. HA, I said lens nodal….. Basically, it's tripod gear that assists the process of making super sweet panoramic's. I stitched 4 - 24mm frames together to create the above pano. Whatcha know about that iphone? That's right, nothing…. Actually the iphone pano feature is pretty damn sweet as well, but you could never make a 50" print with an iphone and as clean.

Now, the real reason I went out to Ponytail falls in the Columbia River Gorge…… because it's an amazing time of year to see a splach of color amongst full, happily saturated waterfalls. Duke begs me to take him out to the Gorge this time of year too…. enjoy.

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