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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Learning How to Relax the Mind and Find Calm

Duke helping me scout for Trout on the Clackamas
I'm always learning. Learning about living. Learning that it is important to step away from yourself every now and again to see what direction you're heading and headed. I recently did just that, although briefly, it felt good.

I make photographs almost everyday. Mostly as part of my career. It used to be a thing I did to create calm and peace at the end or beginning of a busy day. Fishing and riding bikes also calms my mind down and allows me to remove the clutter. It's easy to get stuck in the cycle of a busy life and forget that we all need this reflection time, this time of purging thought and allowing the soul of who you are to breathe and receive. 

Sunset on Sturgeon Lake
Last week, I took a tripod and camera over to Sauvie Island near our home and photographed sunset; something I do very rarely these days. That was it, I just drove, parked, and walked up to Sturgeon Lake's bank and took some pictures. Nothing to it really, but the peace during the activity and the clear thought that followed was incredible. I've been missing these simple activities in my life. I also went fishing with Duke (our pup) last week with the same result. Both activities took about an hour or so, and both had the same powerful affect which lingered for days. Riding my bike does this as well although it's a more complex feeling. Still wonderful, but not as simple. Something about watching the light change while standing in place or feeling the water redirect itself around your legs while casting creates that..... simplistic moment. Riding is more about exhaling hard, moving quickly, and tiring the physical aspects of your person. Amazingly restorative, but getting there is slightly more hectic.

Fleeting rainbow over Sturgeon Lake. The light changed quickly this evening.
Duke resting and finding his calm spot in the middle of the Clackamas River
Salmon River
Gina, Duke, and my shadow near a waterfall in the Labyrinth, Coyote Wall

Salmon River last Autumn

Quick forest road spin outside of Scappoose Oregon
Ride around Sauvie Island after work. I remember this being a good spin, but that seat and I are not friends anymore in the least. Shortly after this ride, I got rid of that saddle for the wider standard Brooks B17, which is a million times more comfortable.
Ride in Forest Park right across the river from our house.
This morning I culled through images from the past 7 months or so and all of these images were taken during short reflective outings. The pictures taught me that I must allow the freedom to go out and cast a line, ride a bike, or carry a tripod around sunset more frequently. No meditation session or yoga class can deliver me the same level of calm that these activities always have and I hope always will.....

Mud always makes me super happy for some ridiculous reason. Funny how some folks find peace in a long yoga pose, while I find peace in the dirt that flies off my tire and lands in my eye....hmmm?

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