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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Ptarmigan Traverse Experience

Celebratory brew after 6 & 1/2 days in the mountains together
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Wow! This trip has taken some time to soak in for me. Actually,  it took a year and 5 months for me to finally feel ready to sort through the images and re-visit this mountain saunter. It is not because the trip caused negative emotions or experiences; in fact it's the complete opposite. Certain experiences are just completely overwhelming in their magnitude and....well... just badass! This was one of those trips.

Photographs can be a tough medium to express and share certain experiences and the emotions they create. I wonder if a tape recorder would have done a better job expressing the solitude, natural wonder, and pure peace this mountain traverse offered. A photograph lacks the dimension and depth needed sometimes to tell a story. Brian Anderson, Brian Eubanks, Chad Hensel and myself,...... we were out there; in the middle of a mountain sanctuary which fired off every sensory receptor and emotional response to go with them. How do you share that? All 7 days of it.....
This was our view only a few hours into the trip, and it never went away 

View from where we slept at White Rock Lakes
Enjoying a view break
Brian Eubanks taking in the view in his very euro shorts

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