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Friday, March 22, 2013

there's a new camera around the neighborhood

     I wanted a really simple and classic camera with a fixed lens to use on a few upcoming adventures this year and almost went with an old rangefinder film camera until I did my research and discovered the Fuji x100 digital rangefinder. It's really fun to use and the picture quality is fantastic. Most digital cameras out there today are hideous and loaded with too many features that really detract, for me anyway, the enjoyment of making images. Zoom lenses up to 400x and happy birthday scene modes, what does that even mean? What if you are at a halloween party and accidentally use the birthday mode? Does the camera magically recognize the situation and just fix it for you? Using these overly gimmicky cameras really fits perfectly with our times. We want great images but we don't want to use our own creativity and thought process to get them. Crazy talk, but I like using my mind and intuition to create a picture. I don't want Canon or Nikon to decide for me. It reminds me of the directions to get a good picture in the old film boxes. "Shoot with the sun behind you." How ridiculous. Is this some sort of way to mediocracy in art? hmm, i digress easily. For being digital, this camera is incredibly simple to use, but yes, you do have to use your brain to make an emotionally charged picture. Of course even with this new camera, you must still keep the sun directly behind you for the best pictures ;)

Decided to walk around the neighborhood and enjoy using the new photo box. Here are a few pics from my walkabout....

duke panorama. the only gimmicky camera feature, but kinda cool
duke in the park
artwork in the park. you look through this scope towards the river and an overlay image of what the good ole' days looked like pops up
gina's chicken pose, see below for comparison

gina and duke waiting for the hens to arrive
the fam- gina, duke, beezy and datsyukian our egg layers
hard light
soft light
this restaurant has been closed for some time, hope something good takes its place
One of our favorite places to eat and sit
Portland's spring always like to throw a little hail into the mix

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