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Monday, December 13, 2010

Cape Horn in the Gorge.....

Wow! The Pacific Northwest is an amazing place. The rainy season can be difficult to manage. However with a little bit of effort and being okay with getting soaked to the core, the rain brings much beauty to explore. Gina, Duke, and I headed out to explore one of these wet and beautiful sanctuaries in the Columbia River Gorge known as Cape Horn.
Many times on these small saunters, I like to leave the camera behind as a way to look at these wonderfully wild places without the eye of a photographer. I strongly feel that the camera helps me connect with the natural world in a much more intimate way, but I also notice that my other senses sometimes take a backseat allowing my eyes to dominate. This domination does not always occur when I have a camera, but it definitely does when my mind is overloaded with other thoughts. During these times, my photography suffers. Making a deeply meaningful and emotional image requires focusing all of your senses on the desired topic.

Life has been busy and my mind has been full. Busy in a fantastic way, but busy nevertheless. However, against my better judgement, I decided to grab a small, easily manageable camera just before we headed to Cape Horn. I left it mostly untouched until my mind completely cleared in the mist of the raging and unnamed falls the 3 of us had to dance through before ending our journey around Cape Horn.
I made the few images here while standing under the falls and thus in the middle of a raging wind tunnel with the exception of the first image. In that image, Gina is back hugging one of the largest Douglas Firs I have seen in this area. In the other photographs, Gina is fighting through the powerful fall while maintaining a healthy smile. We capped off this adventurous day with a visit to Walking Man Brewery in Stevenson, WA. Mmmmmm..... good food and exceptional beer always tastes better when you are hungry, happy, and soaked.

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