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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Visiting With Mom & Dad, 2010

2010 is coming to a close. And yet again I feel behind in culling through the piles of photographs I have snapped. I love making pictures, and I love sharing them with others, but I do not love sitting in front of the computer for the hours and hours it takes to cull through thousands of images to find the right balance of light, composition, and most important, emotional information that will make a potential viewer interested in an image somebody else has made.
My largest accomplishment this year, in terms of my photographic growth, has been that I have gained a level of confidence in my abilities I have never had before and know that I can make an emotionally charged photograph that will make a connection with somebody else, not everybody else, but somebody. That knowledge is incredibly rewarding to gain. Purpose is starting to develop, and with purpose comes more growth in all areas of my life. I have much further to go, but feel that I am on the correct fork in the river to take me there.
Soon, I will share a collection of photographs I have created in 2010 that will still connect with me in 50 years. But for now, I am catching up on sharing a few smaller groupings of images. I visited my home in Michigan twice earlier this year and my wonderful parents made a journey out to Oregon in August. Here is a few of those images that stir good smiles and memories....

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