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Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Second 'C' Ridge I Have Been Fortunate To Climb...Cathedral Ridge

The first 'C' ridge I explored earlier this year was Casaval Ridge on Mt. Shasta with a great crew. This 'C' ridge came as a last minute plan after the weather in the North Cascades and particularly on Icy Peak went far far South. Brian Anderson and I got on the phone and started talking about plan B's. We came up with Cathedral Ridge on Mt. Hood. Because it looks like an amazing and challenging route, and because it is close to home if weather decides to turn us around.
Weather was looking good, packs were already to go, and a great group of people all had Hood on the brain. Our team comprised of Brian Andeson, Brian Eubanks, Nick Wagner, and myself. I have a difficult time describing in words a trip such as this. Something I have heard Kari and Brian Eubanks say a few times comes to mind "Pura Vida!"

Have a look at the entire set of photographs here. Enjoy......

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  1. Sweet pics Kyle! It was a great climb. Love it when everything comes together like that on a route no one on the team's done before. Thanks for taking and sharing these pics. Thoroughly enjoyed them. --B