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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rain, Beauty, Mt. Forgotten....

Whit Fellers (in the photograph above) was our fearless leader who respectively titled this journey as "A Climb With Dinosaurs." He gave this title because everyone was at least twice my age. I would climb with these "dinosaurs" any day of the week and in fact found their strength and character to far surpass many climbers my age including myself.

In many sports and physical activities 30 is the limiting age. You may retire at 30 or just lose that 20-something ability. Not the case in mountaineering. Most of mountaineering has to do with mental strength and then comes endurance. I feel that as you get older and acquire mountain knowledge through experience you become mentally stronger and the endurance is just the wonderful side effect. You may be incredibly strong in your twenties and capable of a vast amount of foolishness gaining you both a sketch-ball route and distinction amongst the community. But only age can bring the mountain wisdom that I seek and hope to lose my foolishness to.See more pictures by clicking any photo above or here. Enjoy....

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