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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Oregon Outback Bikepack 2014

'merica, bikes, whiskey, good times...

Sharing a new set of images from a bike ride we did in June. Click any image or this LINK to see the entire journey as it rolled away on two wheels. 

Aaron and I rode through mostly high desert from Klamath Falls, Oregon up to the Columbia Plateau where the Deschutes and Columbia Rivers Converge. Brian joined us for the second half in Prineville, OR. He lifted our spirits and tired bodies the rest of the way all while hammering some of the hardest climbs through the Ochoco Mountains. We camped out for 6 nights and rode 7 days carrying everything we needed to survive including a fair amount of whiskey to ease the pain in our arse's each night. Wooooeeeee.....

Aaron, me, and Brian, solid crew...

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